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Talking CCH Tagetik: 2 minutes on Finance on the Cloud with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Hear how easy it was for Alcatel-Lucent to implement CCH Tagetik Consolidation on the Cloud and the benefits they've achieved.


It's so normal nowadays in life to use cloud applications,and when you see the same in your business environment it's much easier to accept it.It doesn't require a major change of knowledge, it's just very easy hands on, it's very very simple straight forward.

We didn't even ask ourselves the question: "Is cloud the solution?".

It was clear from the beginning that I can't deploy a solution by giving peoplea kind of CD or a download package or a key or whatever, that doesn't work anymore.

Our IT, once we talked with them about the solutionthey were extremely supportive, they had a push back at the beginning because they feared additional work, but at the end we were supported in a sense because they realized it was less work for them.When we talked with our auditors about our Cloud solution on CCH Tagetik it was a non issue.It's a bit for me the flexibility that I have, I'm no longer worried to adapt my structure, my reportingmy consolidation structure to change of the business.

A year ago in order to meet our year-end closing 2 contractors,it took us several months to have the consolidated books, now we are in the middle of March today and the books areready, so the acceptance of finance within the organization has definitely improved,because it's much faster, it's no longer the fight for figures, they just come at the promised time, because people probably haven't realized what is the cloud solution……once they realize "It's cloud, I'm working on the cloud solution" they just surprised because it's easy.At the end, when we told them that we were moving to the cloud the moral was very good.

There is not even any question about the acceptance of the tool.

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