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How technology helps finance turn the reporting burden into a strategic opportunity

Listen to KPMG's Morris Treadway details helpful tips & tricks that will transform your reporting requirements into a platform of financial performance and business value.

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Chapter 1 overview on The view from the top

KPMG's Morris Treadway discusses the survey conducted on 549 top executives from six continents to better understand CEO's changing views and expectations of their CFO's finance function.

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Chapter 2 common challenges for CFO's and how PM helps address them

Learn about the common challenges CFO's face and the new ways to meet expanded reporting requirements without increasing risk.

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Chapter 3 Latest trends and statistics on the future of corporate reporting

Technology is the key enabler, learn about the key EPM Trends such as Cloud, Data & Analytics and Collaboration. Learn Tips & tricks for using new regulations to shift the focus of corporate reporting to communicating business value creation in addition to financial performance

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Chapter 4 Demo on CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office

Product demonstration of CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office, a solution to address the challenges of internal and external reporting

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Chapter 5 Q&A

Listen to the questions and answers asked during this webinar.

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