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Changing the financial landscape at Bristol Bay Native Corporation

Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC), one of Alaska’s largest Native Corporations, is a holding company with five operational business lines. Because of the diversified mix of businesses, there was an inherent challenge in consolidating 80+ entities and reporting overall company performance.

Adding to the dilemma, BBNC worked out of Excel, had numerous data sources and limited resources.Needing to dramatically reimagine their consolidation and reporting process, BBNC needed a solution that had the breadth of functionality to handle complex requirements and easily aggregate from multiple data sources.

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Chapter 1 Intro

Brief introduction to the webinar by Billy Bahnsen CCH Tagetik NA Marketing Manager

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Chapter 2 About BBNC

Greg French, BBNC Director of Financial Reporting talks about Bristol Bay, a responsible Alaska Native Investment Corporation dedicated to the mission of 'Enriching our Native way of Life'

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Chapter 3 Painpoints & Challenges

Learn about what life was like before CCH Tagetik for Bristol Bay.

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Chapter 4 Project Scope & Overview

In this chapter you will learn about the CCH Tagetik Project scope in a multi-phase approach

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Chapter 5 Project Implementation

This Chapter discusses how the project was implemented within budget and within timeline

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Chapter 6 Outcomes & Benefits

Learn how BBNC reduced their manual processes yields, time savings with complete accuracy.

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Chapter 7 Next Steps

BBNC continues their partnership with CCH Tagetik, learn more.

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Chapter 8 Lessons Learned & Recommendations

In this chapter Greg French talks about lessons learned and offers his recommendations with Maria Longo, Project Manager CCH Tagetik

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Chapter 9 Questions

Listen to the questions asked by audience members and Greg French's responses.

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