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CCH Tagetik manages complex financial, statutory and management consolidation processes in a single structured and controlled environment that assures consistency across financial, statutory and management reporting.


Modernize, optimize and orchestrate Consolidation and Reporting with CCH Tagetik.

The month-end close process is complex and collaborative, impacting multiple people at different levels of your organization at different times.

CCH Tagetik helps everyone involved navigate, communicate and investigate, using dynamically updated interactive dashboards that allow you to pinpoint areas that need attention, analyze underlying data and communicate directly with your teams on the fly via integrated instant messaging and just as importantly you can do it all over the web, from any device.

CCH Tagetik's process cockpit makes it easy to see the status of what's been done, what's next and who's responsible.

For each step in the workflow users can see which tasks they're responsible for, the status and the due date.

The solution delivers the flexibility to review and interact with data how you want, through web forms or traditional Excel, convenient web forms are readily accessible from mobile devices and tablets, data security is maintained at all times so users can only interact with data points accessible to them.

When saved the changes are instantly updated to the central data repository and available to other users.

You can also work directly in real Excel, not an Excel like application.

This allows you to effortlessly drill through to transactions.

input supplemental data, automate cash flow statement reporting and maintain a complete audit trail for accountability.

In addition CCH Tagetik automatically matches intercompany information including immaterial variances, taking into account currency translation.

The intercompany cockpit makes it easy to collaborate with your peers to manage intercompany information across the organization, enter intercompany adjustments and see relationships by GL account.

CCH Tagetik offers the ability to create a journal entry adjustment in any currency and submit for approval with just a few clicks.

As an added benefit, true support for double-entry accounting enables adjustments to automatically flow through to all areas, such as balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow, also supporting many multi-purpose reporting requirements.

CCH Tagetik allows you to easily model mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and the consolidation without impacting any previously published statements.

This is accomplished with built-in ownerships methodologies including cost, equity, proportionate as well as minority ownership.

Utilizing the solution's robust reporting capabilities you're able to integrate any data point from anywhere in the CCH Tagetik solution as well as external data sources into a narrative Word or PowerPoint report.

Now you can rest easy knowing that any report, from management reporting to multi GAAP financial statements and regulatory filings, always comes from a single trusted auditable source.

CCH Tagetik offers a single solution with the flexibility of the cloud providing the intelligence you need to conquer even the most complex close process.

Learn more, contact us today.

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