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Visualization For Solvency

Solvency II has drastically increased the reporting requirements you’re subject to, eating up your time and resources: to meet Solvency II Pillar 3 regulations, Insurers have to collect, report and disclose a high volume of data. Using Qlik Sense, the Visualization (for Solvency II) dashboards provide advanced visualization and data navigation on top of CCH Tagetik’s Solvency II - Pillar 3 PPS.

The pre-packaged reporting tool combines financial intelligence and cutting edge data investigation, engineered to meet the unique needs of insurers. These advanced visualizations provide you with an instant overview of key trends, so you perform trend analysis in real-time to better manage your business.

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"Fast Setup"

The pre-built dashboard gives you fast access to your data, and with 12 essential dashboards available you can begin analyzing your Pillar 3 data immediately.

Better Business Decisions

Visualizations provide instant insight into the KPI’s, trends and metrics. With visibility to your numbers you can spend more time on analysis and planning.

Easily Integrated

Qlik Sense dashboards can be used in any environment. CCH Tagetik's Visualization for Solvency II dashboards are non-disruptive to existing architectures.

Expandable by Finance

Qlik Sense provides a GUI interface to easily configure additional dashboards to meet your requirements.

Maintains Compliancy

CCH Tagetik Visualization for Solvency II includes maintenance to ensure you keep aligned with EIOPA regulations and with the Tagetik PPS for Pillar 3.

Process Monitoring

CCH Tagetik’s preconfigured workflow unify the entire cycle and keep contributors on track and reports on time.


Pre-Packaged Dashboards

CCH Tagetik provides the following dashboards, with additional dashboards easily configured to meet your specific requirements: Summary data, Balance sheet, Own funds, SCR Breakdown (new) and Risk Margin Focus (new).

Drag-and-Drop Visualization

Uncover hidden insights using Qlik with CCH Tagetik data. Instantly assess performance, evaluate variances and make more informed decisions using advanced visualization from Qlik. Simply drag and drop financial data in graphs, charts and dashboards for better decision-making.

Report Creation Wizard

An intuitive report creation wizard makes analytics accessible to finance, analysts, business users, and executives. Anyone can create graphical visualizations, dashboards and reports, and finance and IT are assured that everyone is using the same data from a vetted and auditable source.

  • Quick overview of the most relevant KPI for Pillar III

  • Balance Sheet provides data from S.02.01 QRT

  • Own Funds gather data from S.23.01 and related QRTs

  • Breakdown view of the Net Total Technical Provisions

  • Asset Dashboards present data from S.06.01 and S.06.02

  • Technical Analysis shows the trend of the most significant KPIs


Product Version: 1.0

Languages: English

Targeted Job Function: Executives, Finance

Industry: Insurance


CCH Tagetik understand the complex challenges that face the Office of the CFO and translate that knowledge into intuitive, enterprise-scale performance management software solutions that drive business results. With CCH® Tagetik software, you get the simplicity of the Cloud and the power to unify financial and operational planning; shorten the consolidation and close process; immediately analyze results, model and compare full financial statement impact of business scenarios; adjust strategic plans; seamlessly update rolling forecasts; produce formatted and auditable financial statements and management reports; collaborate on business reviews, and automate disclosure and board reporting.



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