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SG&A Management

CCH Tagetik starter kit

SG&A Management is a CCH Tagetik based starter kit that handles the Sales, General & Administrative (SG&A) expenses. It helps users to define and control spending initiatives such as Marketing, Capex, IT, Consultancies or Services. It supports the approval process, capacity analysis (during the detailed planning phase) and variance analysis between actual and planned data.

The SG&A management process is composed of different steps:

  • Project Proposal - Create expense items for any project with workflow for approvals
  • Expense charge back and budget creation - Split the expense between Cost Centers and Account Groups and create budget.
  • Planning & Analysis - Continuous planning deep diving into the detail of the WBS/Cost Center/Account/Supplier for all the spending initiatives

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Fast Setup

The pre-built set of reports, data collection forms, checks and workflows provide fast access to your data.


Scale your CCH Tagetik solution to your needs, step-by-step: you can extend the expense area to the complete P&L; financial and/or operational planning.

User Friendly

A reporting solution that is easy to set up and maintain by business users.



Track tasks, processes and approvals. Customizable for each expense type

What-if Analysis

Drilldown to details, perform modeling, variance and scenario analysis

Approval Path

Customizable organizational structure that allows to easily manage the hierarchical relationships connected to the spending intiatives (projects) approval.

Pre-configured Forms

for the overall SG&A; budget and variance analysis.

Pre-configured Collaboration Features

As a support to the overall process, users get reminders for all their activities

Easily Integrated

the outputs of the process are smartly linked with other CCH Tagetik Processes such as General Budget or Forecast processes.

  • Hierarchical structure of responsibility that leads the process

  • Project Proposal - Creation of the spending initiatives

  • Detailed WBS planning with Cost Center and Account dimensions

  • Gantt Report - Automatically defined by the solution

  • Amount Analysis - SG&A monthly report overview


Product Version: 5.3.6

Languages: Italian, English

Targeted Job Function: Finance, Accounting, IT, Marketing, Sales, Other (Production and Logistics)

Industry: All Industries

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