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GPM (Government Performance Management)

GPM is a pre-configured CCH Tagetik starter kit for government performance management. Every national, state, and regional government must coordinate the formulation of their budget and monitor and report performance against it. Unlike corporate budgets, government budgets are based on prior budgets, updated with incremental changes as new proposals are approved. The budget formulation process is more than just financials, as proposals include textual justification, non-financial data and financials. Also, governments typically budget their estimated financials over a multi-year horizon. Their required systems need to support the collection, analysis, approval and reporting of both text and financial data from hundreds of users across government departments and agencies.

GPM provides a ready to use, pre-built application on CCH Tagetik’s robust and scalable, single product solution. The alternative is an expensive, risky, custom, software integration project.



Better modern and informative reporting

for Ministers and senior executives through traditional reports and modern “smart” device

Ready to use immediately

GPM includes pre-built forms, scorecards, dashboards, reports and disclosure documents that can be used from day one.


CCH Tagetik’s single software solution requires zero integration eliminating much of the risk and cost overruns experienced by alternative approaches.


Pre-configured forms

for incremental budget formulation

Pre-configured data model

to hold the budget increments, multi-year budget estimates, phased budgets and actuals capable of meeting both accounting and GFS requirements

Pre-configured scorecard report

to support interactive budget decision making

  • Single solution for all budgeting and reporting

  • Rich outputs incorporating financials and narratives

  • Simple forms and uploads to collect data

  • Intuitive and easy to use workflows


Relese Date: 2017

Product Version: Requires Tagetik 5.2.3 and above

Languages: English

Targeted Job Function: Executives, Finance, Accounting, IT

Industry: Public Sector

What our partner have to say about this App

"In the world of government budgeting and reporting systems, Government Performance Management (GPM) by CFO Group is a real game changer."
Tim Youngberry - international specialist in public financial management including the financial, budgeting and processing systems that underpin government finances. Tim Youngberry has worked with the federal and state governments in Australia as well as being a consultant with the International Monetary Fund where he has undertaken assignments in East Africa, China and Latin America.


The CFO Group provides financial performance management systems to large, complex corporations and state and federal governments. Our customers use our systems to manage their planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes, and the subsequent monitoring, analysis and reporting of actual results. 



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