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CPMM Spanish Consolidation Starter Pack

Economic groups required to file consolidated financial statements with the Commercial Register ("Registro Mercantil") in Spain must follow certain law-mandated criteria and formats ("PGC" and "NOFCAC"). These Groups may also, under certain circumstances, choose to present their Corporate Tax Returns on a total or partially consolidated basis, in which case the same rules apply to start the Tax liquidation.

Very often, even in large groups, data comes from disparate accounting systems and charts of accounts and consolidation is performed through Spreadsheets. Data loading, mapping and verification, dealing with investments changes, Intercompany reconciliation, review and preparation of the Financial Statements is an error-prone and time-consuming activity, which typically leads this data processing & analysing activity to be relegated to a one-time, last-minute year end activity.

For companies willing to take a step forward and start benefitting of automatic, periodic, timely, traceable and compliant financial consolidation processes, CPM Matters has developed a pre-packaged parameterization of CCH Tagetik to permit a fast implementation of legal consolidation requirements.



Fast launch

Functionality preconfigured by expert consultants reduces time to go-live from months to weeks.

Reduced implementation and support costs - Immediate adoption

The "do-it-yourself" approach permits teams to deep dive into the solution and to know it inside out from the very beginning.

Get what the company needs – and not more!

Spanish Legal requirements are clear, and already parameterized. Save your investment for future additional functionality on CCH Tagetik.


Predefined, Compliant Corporate Chart of Accounts

The Preconfigured Chart of account is designed to capture all PGC & NOFCAC information requirements and to feed all required Financial Statements and related charts.

Automated Data Loading and Mapping

CPMM Spanish Consolidation Starter Pack contains a predefined mechanism to map every company's chart of accounts, map them to the Corporate Chart of Accounts and load the data through a preconfigured ETL with basic balancing verifications. Get the data in the predefined format and let CCH Tagetik do the loading, mapping and verification before processing it.

All Typical Adjustments Already Configured

Investments & Equity, Intercompany transactions, Dividends, Minority Interest and other typical adjustments are already predefined and ready to work on the data loaded to the Corporate Chart of Accounts.

Basic Reports Ready to Run for Filing

Balance Sheet, Income Statements I and II, Statements of Changes in Equity, Indirect Cash Flow Statements and Fixed Assets Evolution chart are readily available following NOFCAC structure and formats.

Do-it-Yourself Manual Available

CPMM Spanish Consolidation Starter Pack includes, for companies willing to undertake the implementation by themselves, a detailed step-by-step manual and a pack of 10 training & launch support consulting days from CPM Matters. Other companies willing to count on more extensive support can request a prior analysis of their situation and objectives for a specific, additional quote.

Normative Support

CPMM will maintain the CPMM Spanish Consolidation Starter Pack compliant with the Spanish consolidation requirements and will make those improvements available to all CPMM Spanish Consolidation Starter Pack clients.

  • Financial Statements follow PGC and NOFCAC requirement

  • Tables to include in the Notes showing composition & variations

  • The Contribution Report depicts by entity and adjustment type


Product Version: 1.1

Languages: Spanish & English

Targeted Job Function: Accounting

Industry: Any company under the Spanish "Registro Mercantil" supervision


CPM Matters is a CCH Tagetik Value-Added Reseller in Spain. Integrated by former CFOs, COOs and Consultants. With the largest CCH-Tagetik certified team in Spain, CPM Matters offers a full suite of solutions for the Office of the CFO, based on CCH Tagetik and Akeron products.



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