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CPM Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Plan Capital. Model Rates. Get Compliant.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik for Energy and Utilities let's you focus on your business

Plan Capital. Model Rates. Get Compliant.

Meet Long-term Performance Goals

Get a visualized real-time view of utility capacity and understand the resource constraints that impact the availability of supply. Align and allocate funding sources to capital plans and projects to meet long-term rate performance goals.

  • Forecast costs with built-in capex and project planning
  • Support for operations and maintenance planning
  • Determine fair rates with rate case development
  • Rank, prioritize and model various capital requests
  • Model debt and funds to cover capital investments

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Key Benefits

Thermal, wind, hydro — monitor the KPIs that matter. Align operational plans across divisions, technology (thermal, wind, hydro) and segments (consumer, corporate, regions). Then assess business drivers to play out best or worst case scenarios on rates, cash flow and profitability.

  • Allocate costs across different customer segments
  • Analyze pricing scenarios for rate case development
  • Determine fair rates to be applied to consumers
  • Import detail-level data from multiple source systems
  • Financial, management, statutory and regulatory reporting

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CPM Solutions for Energy and Utilities Resources

Happy Customers

CCH Tagetik's CPM Solutions for Energy and Utilities is trusted by leading companies across all industries.

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Budgeting Planning & Forecasting

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With CCH Tagetik, we’re able to set up our monthly reporting in eight days instead of ten, and we have gained a week back on the time needed to standardize all of our reports. Moreover, this solution in the Cloud. It saves us more than two months in closing our annual accounts.

at Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

Thanks to CCH Tagetik, we have reduced the time we need to collect budget data by 70% and have com-pletely eliminated the need for manual data processing. The solution was implemented by a team of con-sultants in just a month and has well exceeded our expectations regarding time and costs.

Gabriele Colombo, Luisa Daronco
at AGSM Verona SpA

CCH Tagetik reduces my stress during quarter-end consolidation. On top of the positive impact I’ve experi-enced while using CCH Tagetik, the time saved allows us to give later deadlines for submitting single closes from our subsidiaries. If I ever moved to company without CCH Tagetik, my first step would be to convince management to get it.

Kamila Kominek
Director International Accounting at Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG