The Future of planning, budgeting and forecasting

In the latest FSN survey, only 40% of the organizations surveyed said that their budgeting, planning and forecasting systems are insightful. That means the other 60% of organizations are using BP&F processes that are not providing business value. What does this mean for the future of BP&F? 

FSN’s The Future of Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting dives into the latest priorities, trends and challenges facing modern finance functions as they begin to make moves to get the most out of BP&F processes. What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the move away from spreadsheet-based BP&F processes is now urgent. 
  • How adding non-financial data to the BP&F process improves forecasting accuracy and agility.
  • The reasons why automation and standardization is a key component of modern BP&F systems.
  • How advanced analysis, visualization and forecasting can turn BP&F into a strategic weapon.
  • Why the cloud is a natural path for organizations seeking agility and scalability.

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The future of Financial Reporting Survey 2017


Get a high-level look at FSN’s findings in the infographics below:

Source: “The Future of Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting, Global survey 2017” by FSN

The move away from spreadsheet-based processes and legacy BP&F solutions is inevitable. Spreadsheet-based processes can’t ensure data consistency. They also can’t support the agility or insights that companies need to respond to change quickly. The legacy systems many companies are currently using lack the automation and flexibility to meet the requirements of rapidly growing and innovating companies.

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The future of Financial Reporting Survey 2017