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Transforming Workforce Planning: Increasing clarity and agility on your numbers

CCH Tagetik Events
Online Event

August 18, 2020 from 02:00 PM to 02:45 PM

Timezone: Europe/London

Transformation trends show a clear demand for increased transparency, accuracy and speed of an organisations’ entire planning process and Workforce Planning is no exception. Workforce plans make up a significant proportion of Revenue and Expense numbers and need to be at a granular level of detail when it comes to data and forecasts.

The CCH Tagetik Workforce Planning application takes advantage of our unified platform and uses our industry best practice workflows to complete plans for compensation, determine employee costs, and track employee movements throughout the organization - allowing you to own your Workforce Planning from end-to-end.

This webinar will explore the how the application can be used to perform analysis for various scenarios such as:

  • Planning for changes in workforce following a merger of two departments in a business.
  • Modelling the impact on resources following the introduction of a new initiatives to increase the volume of a product/service sold.

It will also highlight other benefits of the application including the enterprise security model that protects sensitive information at macro and user levels and the pre-built calculation logics that utilise standard practices, saving time from not having to start from scratch.

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