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The Digital Finance Organization

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In today’s world, real time data and data driven decision making is crucial for organizations to stay ahead of the competition. But, how does that apply directly to the office of finance and the CFO? Two words: Finance transformation.

What if you could create more efficiencies, insights, and value over the long term? What is it worth being able to spot negative profitability impacts earlier in the month? In the digital finance organization, it’s no longer about “where can I save money and improve margins?”, it’s about the value that comes from being able to operate with greater agility and be better informed.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  1. Why using the right technology is essential for successful Finance transformation. 
  2. How a platform for unifying data and processes can enable FP&A to spend more time on analysis and less time on data preparation and error checking. 
  3. Why a fast, clean (error-free) close is a useful benchmark for finance department performance.

Followed by a panel discussion where we will discuss:

  1. Where do you start? 
  2. What is the business case? 
  3. Best practices for a successful finance transformation

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