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What happens when you discover that your Consolidation and Reporting system is not able to support your growth? 

Just ask Tarsus Group, one of the most dynamic UK’s media company operating in exhibitions, conferences, education, publishing and online communication. While executing on an aggressive expansion strategy, they found themselves dealing with an old, fragmented, manual, spreadsheet-based consolidation and reporting process which could no longer support the group's complex consolidation needs. 

They just decided to stop surviving, and start thriving embarking on a journey only through a bunch of easy ingredients: 

  • Flexibility and innovation through Cloud, with no compromise
  • An integrated Consolidation and Reporting solution
  • A modern consolidation system allowing to meet complex growing requirements
  • Automation, collaboration, trusted data

Join Mark Pennington, Group Financial Controller and CFO at Tarsus Medical, talking about how he kicked off a productive Finance Transformation Journey by speeding and automating the Consolidation solution and integrating the Reporting process.

By joining the online event you will learn:

  • Tarsus’s “Legacy Consolidation” to “Modern Consolidation” story
  • How CCH Tagetik helped Tarsus improve the dependability and speed of multi-GAAP, multi-currency financial consolidation & reporting
  • Tarsus’ approach to Finance Transformation through innovative Cloud 
  • How CCH Tagetik could help innovating your Consolidation and Reporting processes with no disruption


Mark is the Group Financial Controller at Tarsus Group and the CFO for the Group’s Medical division. His responsibilities include ownership of all of the group’s financial reporting processes.

Prior to this he worked as a divisional controller at NBC Universal, a large US media group. Mark is a Chartered Accountant having begun his career at KPMG, working in London and the US. Mark graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics and Economics.


03:00 PM
Nick Nesbitt, General Manager CCH Tagetik UK & Ireland, introduces Tarsus Group

03:10 PM
Mark Pennington, Group Financial Controller and CFO, Tarsus Medical: how to solve Consolidation legacy solutions’ pains with confidence and no disruption

03:20 PM
Rob Konferowicz, Principal Product Experience, CCH Tagetik North America: Introducing CCH Tagetik Consolidation (demo)

03:40 PM
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