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Discover the latest posts on CCH Tagetik's blog, a space dedicated to Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and to the Office of Finance.

Corporate Reporting: Changing the Focus From a “Necessary Evil” to Delivering Business Value

Mar. 4 2014 by Marco Van der Kooij, Managing Director - ForSight Consulting

The current corporate reporting framework needs to evolve to reflect the wide range of factors that affect corporate performance. The current focus on an organization’s financial statements is insufficient to provide a positive answer to the critical question: “what is the value of the organization?” Financial reporting covers both financial performance and risk, and this will remain an important part of the corporate reporting scope. It is, however, insufficient by itself to provide all the information users now need for informed, rational, and high quality decision-making.

Reporting & Compliance

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What should be “Integrated” in Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Feb. 27 2014 by Dean Sorensen, Founder and Management Consultant - IBP Collaborative

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a topic that is dominating discussion among supply chain professionals – particularly those that seek to make Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) more financially focused.

Budgeting & Planning

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Can increased regulatory reporting requirements actually benefit Finance? Yes, they can.

Feb. 25 2014 by Sabrina Rosati, General Manager, CCH Tagetik Italy - CCH Tagetik

Regulatory reporting requirements are something all industries have to contend with. This is especially true for financial institutions; FinRep, CoRep and Pillar 3 of Solvency II are the most recent examples that banking and insurance companies need to comply with.

Reporting & Compliance Financial Services

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How to speed up your closing cycle: Part 1- the importance of the pre-close

Feb. 20 2014 by Alessio Lolli, Vice President and General Manager - CCH Tagetik North America

Let’s be honest, a close cycle can never be fast enough. Finance departments have had this as a goal for as long as there have been ledgers. And progress has been made, mainly though technological advances and the use of financial consolidation and reporting software. But over the past few years the cycles have begun to slow down again.

Consolidation & Closing

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Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”

Feb. 18 2014 by Leslie Cant, Product Marketing Director - CCH Tagetik

As hard as it is for me to believe, I have been around Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting (BP&F) software as a user, vendor or analyst for more than 20 years. And some days I think I’m in a time warp. There’s still a lot of talk about replacement of spreadsheets being the primary value-driver for BP&F solutions. Its time to move past this, it understates the value to the business, almost relegating BP&F products to commodity status, which is far from the case.

Budgeting & Planning

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