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Discover the latest posts on CCH Tagetik's blog, a space dedicated to Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and to the Office of Finance.

Lifesaving pharma needs advanced CPM to manage risk and drive efficiency

Mar. 17 2021 by Stefano Dal Porto, Associate Director, Sales Support - Wolters Kluwer

Achieve agility, manage risk and drive efficiency are key things to deliver vital pharmaceuticals in today’s health climate. Read this blog to learn how a comprehensive CPM solution, like CCH Tagetik can help.

Performance Management

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6 Critical Next Steps for After You’ve Read a Software Analyst Report

Mar. 12 2021 by Alessio Lolli, Vice President and General Manager - CCH Tagetik North America

Read our latest blog to better understand how to conduct a successful software evaluation

Performance Management

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Worth the Hype: How to maximize the value of Artificial Intelligence in Finance?

Mar. 9 2021 by Letizia Bandoni, Associate Director, Marketing of Innovation & Strategic Projects - Wolters Kluwer CCH Tagetik

How finance can benefit from artificial intelligence and machine learning? Read this interview to Fabrizio Tocchini, Head of Innovation at Wolters Kluwer for CCH Tagetik, who sheds light on how you can get the most of these cutting-edge technologies.

Performance Management

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Why CCH® Tagetik is one of a.s.r's core systems for Consolidation, Regulatory Reporting and more

Mar. 5 2021 by Nancy Di Cosola, Global Customer Marketing Manager - CCH Tagetik

Read this interview with Patrick Klijnsmit, Director of Finance, Risk & Performance Management a.s.r Netherlands to discover the benefits gained with CCH Tagetik comprehensive solution.

Performance Management

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Bridging the automation gap: How to create a culture of automation

Mar. 3 2021 by Leslie Cant, Product Marketing Director - CCH Tagetik

Read our latest blog to learn more about how your peers bridge the automation gap to start the modernization journey.

Performance Management

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