Getting Ready for Solvency II – The Time is Now

European insurers face many issues that need to be resolved before adoption of Solvency II in January 2016. A significant amount of work is needed between now and 2016 to address preparedness across all three pillars, with action needed especially for Solvency II, Pillar 3 Reporting.

Reporting & Compliance

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Is it Time to Move your Financial Consolidations to the Cloud?

With adoption of cloud-based financials and corporate performance management (CPM) applications gaining speed, it appears that Finance executives have become more comfortable with the notion of trusting their sensitive financial data to cloud-based applications.

Cloud Consolidation & Closing

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Tagetik developers @GWT.create 2015

Four visionaries and inspired Tagetik developers attended GWT.create, the annual conference about the Google Web Toolkit and related technologies for complex web application design and development. The event took place in Munich, Germany on January 27-28.

Performance Management

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Why Smart CFOs Pay Attention to "Non-Financials"

Measuring digital transformation is challenging. CFOs will need to be prepared to build new metrics, risk and performance measures in order to give a complete picture of the health of the business and its prospects for growth.

Performance Management Reporting & Compliance

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Banks Use Targeted Applications to Keep Up with Regulatory Demands

There is probably no industry that has more financial regulatory reporting requirements than banks. Regulations in the banking industry have increased significantly since the financial crisis, and the cost and time resources associated with keeping in line with these rules have left many firms scrambling.

Reporting & Compliance Financial Services

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