Imperial UK Implementation – Day 2

 Tagetik CPM software solution for budgeting anc planning


This was very much a ‘build’ day and we commenced communicating the agreed dimensions to the Tagetik solution.  I’ve previously mentioned the importance of getting the dimensions right, and this continues to be the case, however uncomfortable it may feel at the time. I have tried to explain the intricacies of dimensionality to the family, but for some reason SpongeBob SquarePants wins every time!
For new users to Tagetik within a Dimension you have elements and these are arranged into hierarchies. For every dimension you have the same elements, but you can have a range of alternate hierarchies.  An example of how this might be used could be the Account dimension where we might have one way of laying out the profit and loss for internal reporting purposes versus another where we are supplying the government with the annual business survey, which effectively requires the elements to be arranged in a different way.
Once the Product and Department dimensions were added to the model to the satisfaction of myself and the consultant we presented this to the wider audience comprising the head office accountant, finance director, IT manager and ERP systems leader. There were some tweaks made to the dimensions as we were heading down the road of creating relationships that might later prove confusing, by effectively having 2 ways of getting to the same answer, but not necessarily by the same logic.
Further development of the ‘meaning’ within our own nominal codes, which would later provide us with the basis for a relatively complex ETL using the various digits of the GL code to push values to the correct part of the model.
Finally, we put the elements of the dimensions into meaningful hierarchies. For the rest of the week we were tasked with putting our Account dimension into a meaningful structure which, given there would be the best part of 2600 elements, would take some time.


Stay tuned to hear more details on our project!


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