Imperial UK Implementation – Day 0


Tagetik CPM software solution for budgeting and planning


Imperial UK took the decision towards the end of 2014 to find a partner that would enable the business to be able to cover off the group reporting, budgeting and forecasting cycles. By June 2015 Tagetik emerged as the most suitable provider, having beaten off the competition.
Imperial UK were similar to other businesses as regards having a legacy excel-based budgeting system, however the reporting system was SQL server based with automated routines that were capable of producing accounts on a near-live basis.  Additionally, the data was delivered to an unlimited user group with full drill-down to invoice level through crystal reports delivered through citrix. This system might well have limped on for a few more years however the group went through a number of acquisitions such that the current methodology was creaking somewhat and it was not possible to deliver group metrics with the necessary pace and accuracy befitting a group with a listed owner.  Additionally, the excel planning was to all intents and purposes set in stone and was incapable of evolving with the business, in addition to all the usual excel formula, instability and linking issues. Increasingly this was holding the business back, rather than propelling it forwards.
In order to kick off the implementation of Tagetik in Imperial UK a one day deep-dive session exploring the product was arranged at the end of August 2015, the earliest time available following the year end in June 2015. The rationale for this session was that it would be difficult to build a corporate planning and reporting system without understanding the ‘Art of the Possible’ and a lively session was held by Lavinia Marinescu and Paul Correija at the company headquarters in High Wycombe. Whilst much of the session was a confirmation of what had been presented during the pre-sales process the discussions turned to the dimensions specific to Imperial UK and how best to make use of the 5 free-form ones that were available to us.
The session closed with the various parties more engaged in the ‘to be’ reporting process and it was agreed that we would reconvene in mid-September, just after the month end account process.
To be continued..


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