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Harnessing Data for Machine Learning, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics with CCH Tagetik Powered by SAP HANA

Jul. 31 2019 by Rob Konferowicz, Principal Product Experience - CCH Tagetik North America

Performance Management Business Intelligence & Analytics

There is a perfect storm brewing on the horizon and forward-looking finance organizations are already preparing for it. The modern finance team is constantly innovating on its mission to partner with the business as a strategic advisor. Their need to access and utilize large volumes of data with massive amounts of details has never been greater. Digesting and interpreting this data requires high performing, purpose-built finance solutions with the ability to handle today’s needs while prepping for a future filled with machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive/prescriptive analytics. SAP’s HANA technology aims to be in the center of this storm.

Getting SAP HANA Ready by 2025

With over 400,000 companies using SAP systems in their IT architecture, there is strong chance you have heard about “leveraging your existing SAP investment” from a CPM vendor. Oftentimes vendors are simply implying they can integrate with existing SAP systems through flat files or direct connections to provide drill-down or drill-back capabilities. Sometimes these vendors are talking about pulling data in from multiple SAP systems & creating one version of the truth. Although these are important capabilities that we support as well, the need to be “HANA ready by 2025” means companies should be taking a more focused approach to being future-proof and look very closely at what “leveraging your existing SAP investment” really should mean. Hint: it goes way beyond simple data integration/upload.

CCH Tagetik is ‘powered by SAP HANA’

CCH Tagetik is the only non-SAP CPM solution in the market today that can proudly label its platform as “Powered by SAP HANA” and the reason for this is very straightforward: we at CCH Tagetik co-innovated our solution directly with the experts at SAP. As an SAP Independent Software Vendor (ISV), we have joined the SAP Integration and Certification Council (ICC), a "co-innovation" program for developing new applications or integrating with existing applications. Through much more than a simple partnership, CCH Tagetik has a defined a clear roadmap with a long-term focus on being SAP-centric and a corporate vision for further development across the SAP HANA product line. Certified by SAP and “Powered by SAP HANA” means customers using our Finance Transformation Platform are already enjoying benefits such as:

  • Real-time analytics on transactions without any data duplication, redundancy or latency
  • In-memory technology for high-performance data processing across large volumes
  • Seamless integration with Predictive Analytic Libraries (PAL) and Automated Predictive Library (APL) technologies
  • Reduced integration efforts into SAP systems
  • Large partner network and simplified support with one single point of contact

But do not just take our word for it. As you consider the shift to HANA and explore options, be sure to ask SAP about CCH Tagetik on HANA for more information or head directly to the SAP App Center to see for yourself!

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