Selecting the Right CPM Solution: Agility and Flexibility Are Key Evaluation Criteria

Going through a software selection process and implementation can be challenging at best, downright frustrating at its worst.
There are many software vendors to choose from, countless design considerations, and infinite interactions end users will have - all of which need to be diligently scrutinized at every step of the way. These three components are intricately related, each stacking on top of one another as in the pyramid below.

selecting the right CPM solution

The last of this three-part series focuses on the product itself. Although it represents the smallest piece of the pyramid, the most detailed due diligence typically centers on the software technology. Which system has the best functionality? Which one is the easiest to use? How does this system fit with your technical landscape? These are just a few of the many questions likely to be asked.

It's easy to get bogged down with specific features, functions and “cool” examples you may see during a demo, but it’s important to have a clear, high-level understanding of how the product should support your company’s needs. The most important aspect is having flexibility to do what you need in the system.

Some key questions to focus on are:

Product Experience:

  • How eager will your users be to actually use the product? Does it simplify their jobs or make work more efficient? 
  • Does the product look modern and “sexy”?
  • How flexible are the reports and templates?
  • Do users conduct work via a web browser or in the Office Suite? Can it be either?
  • Does the software connect with mobile devices? What is the mobile experience like?

Ease of use:

  • Is it intuitive to navigate the application?
  • How steep is the learning curve?
  • Can business users maintain and expand the application without IT support?
  • Are there built-in engines to configure or is scripting and coding necessary?
  • How easy is it for managers and senior business leaders to use? 


  • Can this technology support today’s business and regulatory challenges as well as those of tomorrow?
  • How likely is it that we outgrow this technology in five years? In ten? What factors would cause us to outgrow the solution?
  • Is it flexible enough to handle unexpected changes to the business landscape?
  • Is this a point-solution or enterprise-wide technology?

Technical Infrastructure:

  • Is the software deployed on the cloud or on premise?
  • Can it “shake hands” with our existing systems? What kind of work is necessary for integrating with key systems?
  • What underlying databases are supported?
  • Is it easy to upgrade? Does the provider have a solid track record for keeping the product updated?


As 2017 nears an end, it’s important to understand that any product you evaluate needs to be agile and flexible. Look for your potential system to be flexible on the database layer, the end user experience layer (reports and templates tailored to your exact specifications) as well as the deployment layer (cloud or on premise). Flexibility comes in many layers and it allows an organization to mold the most viable solution for its needs.


We invite you to check out the many resources on our website,, that can help you make a selection that’s right for your company. As part of your research, you also can read the latest Gartner report, Critical Capabilities for Cloud Financial and Cloud Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions, as well as Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial and Cloud Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions.

You’ll note in these reports that CCH Tagetik is called out for its versatility and flexibility in meeting unique business and regulatory requirements. We are also happy to provide you with customized resources, based on your business needs.


selecting the right CPM solution

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