3 Ways to Win Your End Users


Going through a software selection process & implementation can be challenging at best, downright frustrating at its worst.

There’s many software vendors to choose from, countless design considerations with them and infinite interactions end users will have - all of which needs to be diligently scrutinized at every step of the way. These 3 components are all intricately related, each stacking on top of one another like in the pyramid above. This three-part series covers each of component in detail, sharing best practices drawn from our years of experience.


3 ways to win your end users with Tagetik


Software implementation are made up of 3 major components: the technology, the process & the people.

In other words, the “secret sauce” to any successful CPM implementation is a mixture of software, design and end users - with the foundation of a project hinging on the needs of the people and their buy-in. Like a pyramid, if you want a successful implementation, you need a strong foundation.


Here’s three quick ways to win over your end users:


  1. Bring them into the evaluation process earlier. Do this before going live, training and even product demos. Leveraging end user feedback, complaints, qualms and even wish lists as preliminary research helps paint the current landscape and identify gaps or other areas of improvement. This group typically works closest with the current technology and processes so much of this feedback can help drive some of the initial requirements.
  2. Create synergy during onboarding. Training users on the technology and process helps with screens and navigation of the software but pairing this detailed system training with higher-level “vision” training provides users with a proper vantage point. Seeing the big picture makes it easier for users to understand immediate benefits from a new solution as well as longer-term possibilities through incremental improvements or phased implementations.
  3. Identify your group of champions. Select a subset of your user population that fairly represents all key groups and departments. This group of champions gives users the feeling of a “seat at the table” throughout the implementation, from preliminary research to UATs. Listening and incorporating feedback on an iterative basis sends a powerful message to your users. It gives them a feeling of contributing rather than being handed something new to learn.

Have your users bought in?


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