Quantifying the Value of CPM (with the help of Forrester Research)

While the benefits of corporate performance management (CPM) are widely acknowledged by financial pros, many struggle with quantifying the actual value a CPM solution would bring to their specific organization.  

Tagetik has commissioned Forrester to create an ROI calculator, based Forrester’s proprietary Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology, to provide insight into where and how a CPM investment could benefit your company.

With a few simple entries, you’ll see:

  • Total risk-adjusted costs and business benefits
  • Cost and benefit breakdowns
  • Total ROI over a 3-year period
  • Payback period in months


Forrester’s TEI methodology is based on four fundamental elements:

  • Cost and cost reduction
  • Benefits to the entire organization
  • Risk
  • Flexibility

Forrester interviewed several global companies across multiple industry segments to populate the tool’s defaults and assumptions. The ROI calculator provides a summary of results, with costs and benefit values over a three-year period.  The calculator also provides a risk-adjusted  breakdown of benefits in five categories over three years, as well as costs in six different categories.  

If your company is considering a CPM investment in the future (near or long-term), we guarantee you’ll find this calculator to be a valuable analytic tool.  You can find the basic calculator here and if you are interested in a more detailed version we have that too.

What are your thoughts? Do you find it hard to quantify the ROI of CPM investments or does management “get it”. Does this calculator cover all the right elements of ROI in your organization?


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