Paul Giardina

in Tagetik

Paul has over 15 years of Corporate Performance Management experience including several services and marketing management roles at Hyperion Solutions, now a division of Oracle; and at Cartesis (now part of SAP), where he was executive vice president of marketing.

Paul Giardina left the company in June 2016.


Ventana Research Reviews Tagetik 5

Robert Kugel, senior vice president and research director for Ventana Research, reviews Tagetik 5 Financial Performance Management Software. Robert Kugel analyzes and evaluates Tagetik 5 features and benefits.

Performance Management Business Intelligence & Analytics

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3 Facts You Should Know About Cloud Financial Solutions

Cloud solutions are pervasive throughout our personal and work lives.Yet adoption of financial systems on the cloud have lagged behind other corporate systems such as for HRM or CRM. That, however seems to be changing, and changing rapidly.

Performance Management Cloud

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CFOs Responsibilities Don’t Change Because of the Cloud

The responsibilities and pressures on the CFO are great; the regulatory environment is high, as is scrutiny from investors who are looking for details that go beyond the numbers. The CFO has become a key strategic role – one that is often the coordinating point across departments.


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Reporting Beyond the Financials

When it comes to reporting, it seems like the CFO’s job is never done. Increasing information demands from internal stakeholders are causing Finance departments to provide more frequent and detailed financial and operational reports and KPIs to line of business managers.

Performance Management Reporting & Compliance

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Is it Time to Move your Financial Consolidations to the Cloud?

With adoption of cloud-based financials and corporate performance management (CPM) applications gaining speed, it appears that Finance executives have become more comfortable with the notion of trusting their sensitive financial data to cloud-based applications.

Cloud Consolidation & Closing

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