Why Pick/Change Consolidation Solution Now? A 4 Part Series…

I have been in the finance/accounting field my entire career. Whether it has been in the audit field, the actual controller position or the software industry focusing on Corporate Performance Management solutions for the office of finance I have always been asked about Consolidation solutions and/or the overall close process.


1. So why should you select a Consolidation solution now if you don’t already have one (or your current one is just an excel spreadsheet process)? 

2. What if you already have a consolidation solution in place that was selected some time ago; do you still need to change your consolidation solution?

3. What if I you are currently leveraging your General Ledger solution/ERP solution to satisfy your consolidation requirements; do you need to look now as well?


There is no perfect answer for everyone and I do not pretend to be a savant that can provide you with a write-up that is perfect for your specific characteristics. That being said I wanted to share a few thoughts on why I think that it may be the right time for you regardless of which circumstance you fall into based on the 3 circumstances noted above. In this 4-part blog I will try to provide some color commentary on the three items above and in part 4 I will try to identify some key items that you should be looking for when selecting a Consolidation solution.


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