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Saving time, saving effort: Why Sinclair Pharma choose CCH® Tagetik for the long-term

Apr. 2 2021 by Nancy Di Cosola, Global Customer Marketing Manager - CCH Tagetik

Performance Management Budgeting & Planning

Sinclair Pharma is an international company operating in the fast growth, high gross margin, self-pay global aesthetics market. It has built a strong portfolio of differentiated, complementary aesthetics technologies, which are experiencing significant growth, targeting unmet clinical needs for effective, high quality, longer duration, natural looking and minimally-invasive treatments. 

Sinclair Pharma selected CCH Tagetik for Budgeting & Planning. 

Daredata supported Sinclair in their finance transformation journey, for this reason we spoke with Houari Salah, Project Manager EPM & BI at Daredatato discover why Sinclair Pharma decided to move to CCH Tagetik, leveraging the full potential of the budgeting and planning process. 

What were the most significant financial management challenges you faced before CCH Tagetik?    

Sinclair Pharma is a big actor in the Pharma industry. The problem was that we had a lot of SKUs to manage. Following and tracking the sales of these products across the whole world was a significant endeavor. One of the main things complicating this challenge were the tools we were usingWhen multiple people connected to the system, it would crash, and we would lose data.   

Why did you choose CCH Tagetik?   

We selected CCH Tagetik because it was easy to use and answered all our needs. CCH Tagetik covered the whole process from inputting the data until restitution. 

What improvements have you experienced now that you're using CCH Tagetik?   

What's unique about CCH Tagetik is that it has native Excel integration. It's very easy to use, and it's easy to adjust the model. It saves us a lot of time, and because the workflow process is in CCH Tagetik, it gives us more visibility into the business. It's a tool that's constantly evolving, and it makes the financial function evolve with it. When you need the support team, they always answer. 

Would you recommend CCH Tagetik to your peers? 

Sinclair has been using CCH Tagetik for many years. We were one of the first customers in France. We can say that the product has been a significant benefit to our environment. Yes, I recommend CCH Tagetik as a tool to modernize any financial function. 

Do you want to watch the full video interview? Click here.

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