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Designer Financial Management made easy: Scotch & Soda achieved consistency with CCH® Tagetik

Mar. 30 2021 by Nancy Di Cosola, Global Customer Marketing Manager - CCH Tagetik

Performance Management

Scotch & Soda is a Dutch fashion retail company founded in 1985. It currently boasts over 100 stores worldwide, more than 7000 other sales points and a fully up to date online presence with an integrated webstoreScotch & Soda choose CCH Tagetik for:

  • CCH Tagetik Consolidation
  • CCH Tagetik Budgeting and Planning
  • CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office 

To learn more about how CCH Tagetik has enabled Scotch & Soda's digital transformation, we spoke with Stefano Castellani, Functional Application Managerabout the challenges faced before CCH Tagetik and the benefits gained using our comprehensive CPM solution. 

What were the biggest challenges you faced before CCH Tagetik? 

Scotch & Soda operates in the retail fashion industry, which is a really challenging, rapidly changing environment. In fact, our main challenge is change itself. We have to deal with daily changes in the way we bring the products to the market and the way the markets interact with our supply chain. These challenges led us to start looking for a new tool. At the time, we used Excel, which was really error prone and did not meet the expectations of our management team in terms of timing. Closing cycles were too long. 

What were you looking for in a consolidation and planning solution? 

We were looking for a vendor that could provide us agility, while meeting our expectations. We had a lot of changing demands from management and we were looking for a partner that could provide us with the flexibility to address those demands. That’s why we decided to go with CCH Tagetik. 

Why did you choose CCH Tagetik? 

The project actually started with CCH Tagetik’s consolidation module. At that time, we already thought we’d implement the budget and planning process, but consolidation was the main reason we bought the tool. When everything went smooth as expected [with consolidation], we embarked on the second phase, which was CCH Tagetik’s budgeting and planning process. 

How have you benefitted from CCH Tagetik? 

The CCH Tagetik solution provides us with data that is consistent throughout consolidation and budgeting and planning. For us, this was a big surprise and also a big win. We’re now able to use or reuse actual data and do forecasting. What’s more, we can deliver really granular budgeting. Before, we only had channel planning and two-year forecasting. Now, we can deliver more granular data that is consistent with what we see in the actuals.  

Would you recommend CCH Tagetik to your peers? 

We would definitely like to recommend CCH Tagetik to other consumers because it’s given us a lot of positive surprises. We’d like to share those with other customers as well. 

Do you want to watch the full video interview? Click here.

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