Welcome to The Age of The Renaissance CFO

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CEOs expect a lot of their CFOs. Today many CFOs need to manage an ecosystem of expanding complexity—increasing globalization, leveraging financial data and analytics, optimizing business strategies, turning regulatory ‘burden’ into opportunity, and identifying disruptors that may upend business models—all with a view to achieving a competitive advantage. At the same time, CFOs need to go beyond the numbers to tell a compelling story to stakeholders and the market as well as turn that data into actionable intelligence.

I believe, managing all of these dynamics requires a truly exceptional individual that I call the Renaissance CFO.  This individual transcends the traditional finance function role to become a strategic leader within their organization by building on the wisdom of the past, embracing the technology of the present and imagining the innovation of the future. They transform every challenge into an opportunity.

KPMG International’s recently released global report, The View from the Top, examines the CFO through the CEO lens, by taking a deep dive into the unique challenges and transformative attributes of the CFO’s role to better understand the potential and value of the Renaissance CFO—and where change would have the greatest impact.

One thing is clear: something has to change if CFOs are going to close the gap between the expectations of their CEOs and the reality on the ground.

What do you think it takes to go from a good CFO to a great CFO? I welcome you to read The View from the Top and feel free to contact me directly at to continue the conversation.

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