A Successful Unification of Global and Local



The financial management of La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) involves 7 different technologies, 200 cost accounts, 500 structures, 10,000 agents, and an ABC model with 2,000 cost objects and 20 million cross-referenced points. In order to get an enterprise-wide view of our complex business, we recognized in 2012 the need to unify our processes and consolidate them within a single accounting framework that could be aligned to an overall enterprise strategy.

This complex challenge was successfully tackled by Tagetik. The software solution has proven to be a robust toolkit, while at the same time easy to use and very powerful. Tagetik’s rich functionality has helped us manage large volumes of data, allowing us to lower the time and costs associated with financial processing while simultaneously fostering productivity gains.


Juggling a global and a local administration

La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) is a public group serving the public interest and the economic development of France with a very important variety of activities and businesses such as pensions management; savings deposit accounts such as the Livret A; and banking services. The maintenance of various information systems used by Group entities is provided by an IT EIG.

The CDC includes businesses which are quite autonomous and specialized in terms of financial management. Therefore, it is important that each business entity can autonomously manage its activities and resources and make project-related decisions. All financial activities need to be accounted for and well-consolidated within the business’ overall financial management framework.


A successful unification of global and local with Tagetik


A single application to meet a range of needs

When we set out to find a unifying solution, we had 4 priorities in mind:

  1. Our main priority was to have a tool capable of setting management rules at a local level in order to give each business the autonomy it needed. But, we also wanted a solution that teams could manage themselves without complex and expensive customization or development resources.
  2. Our second priority was to find a CPM unified solution that allowed for staged implementation. We wanted to implement several processes, such as mid-term plans, salary simulation, budget monitoring, and costing. But, we knew we would not be able to effectively implement these processes all at once. We also wanted all functionality to reside in a single application.
  3. Our third priority was to have an audit trail between the various systems and the general accounting. Therefore, the solution should allow us to import data without disrupting the management chain in relation to our accounting systems or our ERP finance.
  4. Finally, our fourth priority was to reduce the amount of time required for financial processing in order to effectively address emerging business challenges and meet various deadlines.

Tagetik has met all four priorities. The solution is very cost efficient with a simple architecture. Other solutions we evaluated required multiple modules to meet our needs. However, Tagetik’s unified platform has all the functionality required for consolidation, calculation and costs analysis, budget monitoring, planning, and more.

Financial and decision support for the business and management controllers

Implementation of Tagetik helps us manage large volumes of data in order to get a unified view of our financial data.

Now we can complete financial processes in a half day, whereas before several days and many manual interventions were required.

An important benefit is the ability to unify numbers and to link the operational and management versions.

Moreover, we can now better document management rules and track all information. We have cut data processing time in half and have drastically reduced the number of applications. We have also seen productivity gains and decreases in system costs. We figure we have achieved a savings between 50% and 70% of operating cost by implementing Tagetik.

Tagetik has also brought benefits to business units: it allows each business to set its own management rules for any unique business needs and also makes it easy for each business to customize its own reports.


For more information about how CDC has unified and streamlined its financial management, download a more detailed case study or tune in to Mathias Guérin’s recorded interview.



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