Mathias Guérin

Deputy Managing Director and Finance Director of I-CDC in Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations CDC

Mathias is responsible for the operational coordination of the support functions of GIE. He manages the coordination of the Operations Performance Planning and the implementation of the IS modernization Plan in collaboration with the IT department. Mathias Guérin was the Budget and Management Controller within the General Secretariat of the Group and the Director of the IS modernisation programme of EP. He holds an engineering degree and a postgraduate degree in economics. Mathias Guérin began his career in the IT group of CDC and was also responsible for the economic management. Then he joined the General Secretariat of the Group for the management of projects in the field of IS, management control and performance management.


A Successful Unification of Global and Local

Discover how the group has reduced the number of its applications from seven to one while saving 50% of data processing time.

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