Never Walk Alone the Integrated Reporting (<IR>) journey!

<IR> is a never ending journey which can be sped up if the different experiences are shared by the participants from different industries and countries.


This is one of the drivers which is inspiring the evolution of the Business Networks of the <IR> community. Integrated thinking is pushing everybody to be open which means concretely to be ready to share transparently the lesson learnt in the <IR> journey, no matter how many miles have been walked.


In the  <IR> Insurance Network, in particular, members are invited to collaborate following a very concrete roadmap which has been agreed among all the insurance companies. The Network know-how sharing is very powerful as it leads to both tangible results, like the business case document, and intangible ones, for example a new idea to improve the company report or the internal processes. The networking opportunity is another key benefit since the Network experience allows different members to enter in contact with people from all over the world who are dealing with similar operational issues.


How does it work? Very easy, different calls planned during the year focusing on a very tailored agenda.


If you are an insurance player, no matter how big you are, join the IR Insurance Network and do not walk alone your <IR>journey.


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