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Why you should consider daily rolling forecast and cash flow to evolve your planning

Mar. 26 2020 by Marco Van der Kooij, Managing Director - ForSight Consulting

Performance Management Budgeting & Planning Strategic Planning

With the current unstable economic circumstances more insight is needed through scenario planning for smarter, better and especially faster decision-making. A daily rolling forecast and cash flow planning is what matter most today. Depending on your industry you also need to have a daily working capital forecast and insight in inventory at very detailed level. With demand dropping or increasing dramatically or unavailability of e.g. parts, scenarios evolve at a speed and impact we have never seen before.

So, what is needed to respond to a crisis momentum like this and gain insight into your business and financial position? Essential sales and production and/or services data needs to be collected multiple times a day. Both actual and forecast data financially and in quantities. Also outstanding contracts for goods or services to be delivered and/or received. This data can be used for trend analysis and based on an integrated and driver-based model predict impact on cash flow and working capital for the near and mid-term future.

Dealing with organizations in the need for modernizing the Office of Finance, I have seen in action many of those during these uncertain days. Some of them are taking advantage of CCH Tagetik’s Finance Transformation Platform experiencing a faster process already taking advantage of essential capabilities that enable them to:

  • Create and change driver-based and financial forecast models fast;
  • Have guided workflows to change assumptions to re-plan your business and cash flow instantly;
  • Storage of changed assumptions with audit trail and immediate in-memory calculations to evaluate impact;
  • Storage of various versions for what-if analysis, scenario planning and variance analysis to gain insight;
  • Integration of operational and financial planning to evaluate impact on working capital and cash flow on a daily and weekly basis;
  • Work from anywhere anytime with 24 x 7 availability and support;

and quickly react to changes, adjust assumption, take insightful decisions.

If you have time to check your systems and evaluate what is missing, how and what to improve, please look at this video "Start taking action by checking the five essential steps to Evolve your Planning Process"

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