Can a CPM Software Vendor Be Credible if They Say, “Cloud is Just a Fad”?

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An interesting white paper came across my desk the other day. Authored by another Corporate Performance Management (CPM) provider, the paper dismisses cloud-based applications as a fad, part of a hype cycle generated by analysts, investors, and “the media.” Almost like a conspiracy theory.

The paper purports that cloud-based CPM applications are “lightweight” and designed solely to benefit institutional investors, not corporate buyers. It even goes on to draw a parallel between cloud technology and the bubble burst (a totally erroneous comparison on so many levels that would take pages to address).
Nowhere in the paper’s contents is a discussion of the kind of functionality required for true corporate performance management. Its only guidance is to counsel potential purchasers against considering any vendor offering a cloud-based Corporate Performance Management solution – period.  


We’ve long advised prospects NOT to make CPM selection decisions based on deployment. First and foremost, decisions should be determined by the company’s immediate and long-term business requirements, a solution’s adaptability to changing and expanding business needs, efficiency (in terms of cost, staffing, and maintenance), and ease of use. Focusing on deployment early in a selection process is – to use a tired cliché – putting the cart before the horse.  
We firmly believe cloud deployment does benefit companies but we also know it’s not for all, at least not yet. That’s why it is important to provide a seamless non-disruptive move to the cloud.


The same product – all with identical functionality – so that those not yet ready to move to the cloud can start on-premises with the intent of moving to the cloud.
We also advise companies not to get sidetracked by the persuasive but often misleading myths and fear tactics that some vendors use to push prospects to the solution they want to sell them. Technology is continually evolving in ways that definitely bring a range of real benefits – from reduced TCO to more processing power to better usability. If you ignore “the new,” chances are you’ll be left behind in the dust. But, be sure you do it on your terms. If a vendor tells you “cloud is the ONLY viable option” or that “cloud is a fad”, find yourself another vendor.


Finally, as I wrote in a post on our Tagetik blog last year: “Finance on the Cloud – One Size Does Not Fit All”. You should be able to pick the solution that best addresses your challenges and be confident that it will deploy successfully in your environment now and will also fit what your environment will look like 5 years from now.  Whenever you plan to move to the cloud, it should not force you to compromise on functionality.


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