Tagetik 5: Innovation Without Disruption!

I am excited to announce the release of Tagetik  5, made Generally Available on September 18th at our Users Conference!

Tagetik 5 is the next step in the evolution of the Financial Performance Platform – it is the next step in the evolution of Performance Management. Tagetik 5 gives our customers the ability to do more, to do it faster, and to do it anywhere

Three major trends

There are 3 major technology trends happening in the market today:

  • In-memory capabilities
  • Mobility
  • Cloud

Each of these on their own are changing the way we work. In-memory changes the way we process data, mobility the way we access it, and cloud in the way we deploy and maintain it.


Tagetik 5 leverages all three.


One of the dilemmas we faced in developing Tagetik 5 was is how to leverage these disruptive technologies, bringing all the competitive advantages to a business, without disruption for IT. With Tagetik 5 we solved this dilemma by allowing our users to take advantage of the new features they want, when they want to. They can upgrade to Tagetik 5 now but wait until the right time for their users to upgrade to the new UI, they can continue to use Excel or they can move to the new zero footprint web forms. Our goal is to make the upgrade to a new major release as simple as the most basic of minor version upgrades.  We have spent extra development time to accomplish this but it is worth it to lower the barrier to upgrade and our existing customers will benefit greatly from this.

Expanding CPM

Our customers are using Tagetik for more and more processes, truly taking CPM to the next level. This means the loading of more data and performing more sophisticated calculations. Tagetik 5 introduces enhanced consolidation and calculation algorithms that enable this evolution and more importantly we are now taking advantage of in-memory technology which makes processes from consolidation to allocations to profitability analytics faster.

Focus on the End User

Along with performance, Tagetik 5 is also focused on making things easier for the end user. With a brand new user interface (UI), Tagetik 5 delivers an enhanced user experience, allowing for easier navigation, especially for the less-frequent user. It delivers a streamlined process that is designed to match the workflow of the user, making it quick to learn and intuitive to use.
Included are brand new Dashboard capabilities for all users,providing a visual way to track key trends or indicators. These dashboards are easy to create from existing reports in Tagetik: simply select the chart type you want and you are done in seconds. This is embedded in the product and produces real-time results, at no additional cost.  This is a great addition to the product that most vendors would charge extra for but we want all users to have access to simple dashboards so we have included it in the basic user license. 

Tagetik AnywhereTM

Tagetik 5 is ready to use on a mobile device to enter those last minute adjustments, or see the latest numbers on your phone. Importantly, to take advantage of this great new functionality NO additional work needs to be done! Create a report once and it can be used as an Excel form or a Web Form, a Dashboard or any of the three. From any existing form a user can simply select the ways they want to visualize it (Excel, Web, or Dashboard) and instantly they have them, without any reconfiguration. And they are all inherently mobile – meaning completely mobile without any additional work.


We call this innovation Tagetik AnywhereTM  - create once, use anywhere.


This is Innovation Without Disruption in Action!

Fitting in to your IT infrastructure

We understand that companies have invested in infrastructure and other applications, and we have always maintained an open and multi-platform strategy. With Tagetik 5 we continue this belief with the addition of integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Qlik, and for the first time with the launch of Tagetik 5, SAP HANA as the underlying database of Tagetik. While HANA is a natural choice for SAP customers, our integration makes it a viable option for non-SAP customers as well. Of course Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server are still also supported as the underlying database as well, the choice is up to the customer.
This is Innovation without Disruption in action.
We are very excited about Tagetik 5 and the possibilities it brings to you as you expand and evolve your Performance Management. As we continue to innovate we will keep to our core development strategy: Innovation without disruption, maintain an open architecture and multiplatform support, and continuing to simplify the often complex processes involved in the office of finance.

There is a common thread behind these 3 pillars of our product development here at Tagetik:
We look at technology advancement from a business point of view. We continue to take advantage of the latest technologies and innovate, BUT we always keep in mind the ultimate goal: to benefit our customers and make them more successful.  Applying technology in the context of business is the key to our success and I’m proud how we have delivered such an innovative release without disrupting the business of our customers.


That’s innovation without disruption!


Tagetik CPM Software

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