A CEO’s Perspective of Finance Technology

Tagetik CPM software for the Office of Finance 


My entire career has been centered around finance technology.

I studied computer science and engineering at university.  When I joined Tagetik, I was very involved in the strategic direction and development of the company’s software, as well as all aspects of implementation; but when it came to technology, I was still a geek at heart.  

When I became co-CEO of Tagetik in 2014, my appreciation of finance technology went to a whole new level.  While I still recognize excellent software design and am passionate about new technology advancements, my priority for finance technology is now squarely focused on obtaining the information and insights required to run our global company and to meet the expectations of our board and investors. Real-time or right-time, in-memory or disk-based, Excel or dashboards — these things don’t matter to me as much as they used to. When it comes to information, I need it when I want it, I need it how I want it, and above all, I need to trust it.  

Don’t get me wrong. I still do care about cloud and mobile technology, as anyone who knows me will attest. My iPhone is by far my most used device. But, my priority is to get the right information in the best context for our business.     

In the following months, I’ll share with you what I now look for and value most, as a co-CEO, from my company’s finance function and the internal battles that flare-up between my tech-geek and CEO personas. My goal in the upcoming posts is to give you a glimpse into the specific capabilities, reports, analysis, and processes that I find most useful as a CEO and to offer up ideas on how you might adapt these to serve your own executive team.

Topics I’ll cover include annual budgeting, sales planning, monthly close and reporting, quarterly forecasting, board presentations and management reporting – just to name a few.  I’d also welcome your suggestions on other topics where insight from a tech-geek CEO could be valuable.


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