From IT to Cloud services: A Darwinistic approach

Truth is that all has to be seen in terms of evolution.


Wow. That’s a title… know what, this is a 2 minutes reading article and I have a bad news and a good news about reading it:

  • Bad news: You won’t find new concept or something you never heard nor have a “wow” moment in reading it,
  • Good news: Because of that you’ll find that you are part of the evolution and ready to embrace change.

“We will now discuss in a little more detail the struggle for existence.” (C. Darwin)


Stepping back from the daily planning and thinking organically about the past and future of your organization is not an easy exercise, but it is what a good CIO has to do regularly.


The human mind is tricked into focusing on great events. Some people, looking at the past see it only as the “good old days”; some others think the point they've reached in their operations, everything is perfectly organized and the mechanisms in place only need to be lubricated.


Truth is that all has to be seen in terms of evolution.


Are your organization’s IT services deployed in on-premise data-centers or housed with a specialized provider? And what happened when you heard for the first time the word “Outsourcing”? For sure CIOs thought this was a word to define what was already happening: the migration of services outside the organization.

Oh wait, that’s the first step of evolution… never saw it coming.

IT is on a journey not only regarding outsourcing but virtualization too. The path includes the consolidation of IT in virtual environments, and the awareness of the need for an on-demand capacity. This is becoming mandatory not only to gain agility in deploying new services but also to guarantee scalability and disaster recovery.

As natural selection favored branches of evolution that were better able to survive and reproduce, CIO vision can be crucial in distinguishing if Cloud Services are here to stay and will help his operations, or are only a new flavor that will be lost in a season.

IT as a Service, IaaS, Software as a Service… Cloud Services, started with Server Consolidation and the research for a CapEx advantage. It has quickly become a repository of Business-Critical Applications to preserve not only Compliance but also Security, a switch to OpEx and advantages in an operation’s Agility and Performance.
Do not trust those who offer you simply a religion, a faith to trust-buy this Software, embrace this technology, follow this movement.

Instead ask the right questions, try to frame your vision in the open field of changing opportunities.

Embrace evolution, without compromise.

What are your thoughts? Do you see the move to ‘the cloud’ as an evolution, or another part of your overall IT strategy?

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