A Strong Pulse

We want to thank all of our customers who responded to the BPM Partner’s 2014 Pulse Survey!  For the fourth year in a row, Tagetik scored among the highest in customer satisfaction, with near-perfect scores in twelve satisfaction categories including implementation, functionality, support, price value, and overall product quality.  (Read the news release here for more details.)  

Why the consistently high satisfaction ratings?  Here are some reasons we’ve heard based on our own recent, informal conversations with customers.   

For Dan Rowell, corporate controller for Tosoh America, it’s all about data integrity.  Dan is responsible for financial operations at Tosoh America, a $400 million holding company with 11 subsidiaries.  He led the company’s search for a financial technology solution in 2009.  Today, Dan and the controllers throughout Tosoh America companies use Tagetik for all reporting.  “You have to have strong checks and balances, and Tagetik is a true accounting system,” he said. “I believe it’s the strongest product out there in this regard.”  Dan also pointed to ease of implementation, which he called “super-fast, with no technical issues.”   

John Torley, director of financial planning and analysis for Hunterdon Healthcare, is another longtime Tagetik user. For many years, the healthcare system’s various entities (hospital, physician practices, home health organization and wellness centers) had separate, spreadsheet-based processes which John would have to “patch together” for budgeting.  In 2010, he led the effort to unify financials across all Hunterdon companies.  John said his long-term satisfaction stems from Tagetik’s value proposition. “We are a relatively small hospital system with limited resources, but we were able to easily and quickly implement a very sophisticated, system-wide reporting process.”   

In a conversation last week with Mario Bartolozzi, vice president of information technology for LS Travel Retail North America, Mario pointed to Tagetik’s ability to leverage the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment as a major plus.  LS Travel, which operates more than 200 stores in 30 airports in the United States and Canada, implemented Tagetik in January 2013. “Tagetik software uses the same tools we already have in place, conforms to Microsoft standards and runs as part of our Microsoft infrastructure – it’s a great fit for us,” Mario said.  As a result, the finance group is much less dependent on the IT team.  “We have very limited IT resources.  Tagetik has a lot of built-in flexibility. It is truly user-run, so IT does not have to be involved,”  he added.  
For more on the BPM survey results, you download the BPM Partners' spider graphic  to see how Tagetik’s scores compare to those of leading CPM vendors.  You can also get detailed analysis of research results here at the complimentary replay of BPM’s  60-minute webcast, “Pulse of Performance Management 2014.”


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