Kevin Gray

in Tagetik North America

Kevin has been with Tagetik for 5 years and has 25 years experience helping customers  identify and solve problems using CPM and BI solutions. Kevin’s  experience encompasses a wide range of areas including  customer relationship management , training,  customer support , pre-sales , project management and implementations. Kevin has managed large teams in the software industry across many different solution areas.  
Before joining the software industry Kevin gained experience in the in accounting and financial planning areas  before moving on to managing and implementing ERP, CPM and Business Intelligence systems.

Kevin Gray left the company in June 2016.


The Dream of Unifying IFRS and GAAP is Dead

While a grandiose and well-intended idea, the idea of the US joining the IASB and creating one IFRS accounting standard is dead.

Reporting & Compliance

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A Strong Pulse

For the fourth year in a row, Tagetik scored among the highest in customer satisfaction, with near-perfect scores in twelve satisfaction categories including implementation, functionality, support, price value, and overall product quality.

Performance Management

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Accounting for currency impacts - beyond simple conversion

Currency conversion is a core to any corporate performance management (CPM) system - for consolidating data for financial reporting, budgets, forecasting or planning. But there is more to it than simple conversion and calculating the currency translation adjustment (often a “plug” in many standard systems!)..

Performance Management

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Product Tips: Tracking the Evolution of a Budget from start to finish

The budget cycle is often like the old game ‘telephone’ - you start at one point, but what comes out the other end is completely different.

Budgeting & Planning

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