The Budget Paradise Part 2

The budget journey: achieving the Paradise!

Yellow checkered cabs filled the streets. Each cab was identical but the drivers were very different in appearance and mannerisms. Some drove fast, other slow, some blew the horn and others waived wildly out the window but all moved with purpose towards their destination. Al hailed a taxi and we got in. He gave the cabbie our destination and we were off. The GPS beeped and the cabbie changed directions. “What’s going on?”  I asked.

“We have an updated map and the tunnel is closed.  We need to take the bridge.”

The city turned into the country and the road led to the bridge over a swiftly moving river of coins. The road then wound up a mountain. At the summit we were greeted by a woman whose smile embraced us. She was standing with one foot on a pile of spreadsheets. She gestured for me to survey all that was below. I saw the river of coins we had just crossed. I followed its flow out to the sea and in the other direction, up a waterfall to the top of the mountain where green clouds re-filled the tributaries. Train tracks extended out from a station, growing new switches and side tracks in front of speeding locomotives. The lady pointed the trains onto various spurs. With each change in tracks; cities grew and disappeared, rivers dried up and changed courses. Everything was moving and operating with a harmonious purpose.

I lift my gauze out toward the horizon. What I see breaks all time and spacial laws. In one instant I see the present and the future, where we are, where we are going how we get there, the world  and multiple variations of it. The woman swipes her arm across the sky and everything has changed, but still I see everything.

I turn back toward the woman and the brilliance of the suns has given way to the night sky. Stars appear one by one forming organizational chart constellations. The constellations danced and reformed into different patterns of business units, reporting responsibilities, divisions and product lines. Then the stars fall from the sky into a camp fire. The stars melt and began to shoot off like fireworks. The fireworks explode in the sky into a dazzling array of colored charts and graphs. The pyrotechnics are synchronized into a multi-sensory story.  In amazement I lift my finger to point at what I see.  The chart explodes into a stream of words and numbers that spiral into a pathway.  Al tells me to follow the path.

The path leads around a wall to a portico guarded by two lions. I had reached the source of light, visibility, truth, planning and reporting. The lions move to the side and I walk through.  A feeling of security, support and possibility covers me like a warm ocean wave. In the cathedral is a man sitting on a throne. He has silver hair that illuminates like neon lights. On each of his sides is man of pure light. A violet light is on his right and a red light is on his left. Each light is a different size and shape but somehow equal in mass and brilliance. The violet and the red lights take turns speaking. Each reveals things my mind cannot comprehend or words cannot convey, but I shall try: Light, Truth, and Revelation. Without light we cannot see the truth, without the truth we cannot plan without a plan we cannot reveal Paradise.

Then I am back at my desk, my journey is over. I had seen the budget in its entirety. From the depths of the Inferno and the people who perverted the budget, through Purgatory with the souls who had fallen short and finally those heroes of finance that had made it to Paradise. I had been shown the power that can save. It is now up to me to accept it.

Unified budgeting, planning and forecasting

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