The Budget Paradise Part 1

The Budget journey: achieving the Paradise

I had left Mt Purgatory and was now on a new planet. In the sky were several more planets of different colors leading to a light at the center of the universe that was purer and brighter than ten suns, yet I could stare straight into it.   “Ciao!  Welcome to the Budget Paradise.” came a voice.  It was my old friend Al.  He looked much as he did in life but his eye glasses shown like flashlights.  We walked and talked for a little while.  He explained that what I was about to see was the reward for those who had persevered and believed.

His voice began to be drowned out by the sounds of a heavenly choir singing the sweetest praises my ears have ever heard.  The hymn came from a million dancing points of light. Al speech turned into a chant, joining in the harmonies.  “What you are listening to is the sound of collaboration. They have given up all selfish motives and have worked together to create a budget.”

“Worked collaboratively?” I questioned.  “Was there no padding of expenses?  No sandbagging of revenues?”

“There is no need for any of that.  These are all devotes of the truth.  When there is honesty and transparency distrust dissipates and collaboration can exist.  Each can look beyond the individual and see what is best for the organization.”

“Is there no jealousy?  No ambition?”

“When one has come this far the only desire is to be surrounded by the truth and light.  That is why they are singing.  The desire has caused so much joy that they can’t help but sing.  The truth lifts all, when all are exalted there is no need for jealousy.  Those who do not seek the truth can become jealous and are relegated to lower realms.  There are still higher planets that some have reached, however this was not from blind ambition, but from devotion that they were lifted up.  Each of the voices you hear has the opportunity to shine brighter by singing their part, not by singing someone else’s part.”

Then next planet was bathed in alternating white light and black light which created stripes of complete clarity and dark shadows, brilliant whites and glowing purples. A man was playing chess at a table with telescope legs.  He was clothed in a fine tailored suit, silk tie, with matching pocket square, diamond cufflinks and polished shoes all in white.  He played the white pieces.  The man took notice of me and called me by name although I did not recognize his face.  “Are you winning?” I inquired.

“This is Paradise, there is no winning or losing. We are all growing closer to the truth.”

“The truth? I don’t understand. You are playing chess, aren’t you?”
“By envisioning the future moves of my opponent I can map out my plays and then put my plan in action. When my actions equal my plan, the outcome is superior.”

“Are you playing against an opponent? I can’t see anyone or even the black pieces.”

“The black light obscures him and the pieces. This makes it more challenging, but as long as my actions equal my plan I know I will capture the queen.”

“The Queen! We are running late, we must get moving!” Al stated.  And we were off, flying to the next planet.

This new planet had a very different feel from the ones I had visited.  While the previous surroundings were tranquil, this planet was a bustling city.  Gleaming sky scrapers were being built in front of me. Some grew up from the ground and others were pushed down from the sky. I asked Al what had happened and where we were now. “We have crossed the dividing line” he told me. “We have left the orbs that contain those who believed but did not have the tools.  No one can make it to the center alone.  Now we are among those that have been saved by the Power that can make the belief a reality.”


Unified budgeting, planning and forecasting

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