John Engelbrecht

in Tagetik North America

John is the Financial Services Specialist in North America with over 25 years of experience in CPM and Financial Analysis solution sales.  
John’s experience is primarily focused on Financial Services and includes firms from the largest commercial and investment banks and insurance companies to small community organizations and boutique firms.  John has also worked with wide range of other capital markets companies including fund managers and specialty investment firms.

John Engelbrecht left the company in 2016.


2015 Banking Regulatory Outlook

For banks and other financial institutions, 2015 promises to be another challenging year of implementing financial reforms required by regulators. A number of these challenges were highlighted in a January 7th article on the 2015 Banking Regulatory Outlook published in Bank Systems and Technology.

Performance Management Reporting & Compliance

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Balance Sheet Budgeting & Planning for Banks

The Budgeting process for Banks is quite different from most industries. The focus begins with the Balance Sheet, and the reflection of the instruments already generating revenue and cash flows, at various rates and maturity dates. This then serves as the basis of the budget going forward as new volumes are forecasted.

Budgeting & Planning Financial Services

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