John Hancock Details Experience with Tagetik


In a recent article featured on TechTarget, John Hancock Financial Services discussed the successes they have experienced with Tagetik’s financial software.


Prior to implementing Tagetik’s Collaborative Office solution in 2013, John Hancock and parent company, Manulife, completed their financial reports manually using a combination of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.


With Tagetik, almost 95% of the company’s financial statements are now automated, allowing them to shorten their close cycle by nearly one week. In turn, these time savings have provided the company with the opportunity to examine the numbers and analyze their implications.


Tagetik Collaborative Office


Another benefit experienced by John Hancock included company-wide consistency among reports. Tagetik’s attention to detail and ability to provide customized features, such as linking and cross-checking, also helped the finance firm manage quarterly board reporting for roughly 10 entities.


One of the greatest assets pertaining to Tagetik’s software, and one of the key factors in John Hancock’s decision to choose Tagetik over competitors, was their dedication to creating and maintaining a collaborative relationship.


Overall, the ease of use, timeliness, and accuracy supplied by Tagetik’s software provided John Hancock with the cooperative environment needed to give their financial data meaning again.


To learn more, read the article here, or check out the on-demand webinar.


Tagetik Collaborative Office

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