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What Gives CCH Tagetik the Leading Edge in Financial Planning

Aug. 14 2020 by Harjot Ghai, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer - Delbridge Solutions

Performance Management Budgeting & Planning Reporting & Compliance

Thinking about implementing or upgrading your Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution? Optimizing your team’s toolbox for financial planning? There are so many options available, but which one should you get?

With years of experience in Financial Planning and Analysis, Delbridge has had extensive exposure to Financial Processes in multiple industries and countries globally. This, combined with being a platform-agnostic solutions provider, we have seen our fair share of customer struggles with financial planning tools.

From our experience working on different CPM platforms every day, CCH Tagetik is definitely a leading “All in One” CPM Solution you should consider. Why do we recommend this as a solution? Here are some reasons:

CCH Tagetik
CCH Tagetik is built for finance, offering optimal solutions for complex processes. They are raising the bar in financial software, knowledge, tools and education. With over 180 years of experience serving finance teams worldwide, they have built a solution that can handle the easiest to the most complex of office of finance processes.

Why CCH Tagetik is a leading solution?
Single Multifunctional Platform
With many other CPM solutions, you still require other applications to complete all your financial planning and analysis needs. Consolidations, Dashboards, Accounting Close & Narrative Reporting are just some examples of where we find missing functionality in other CPM solutions we implement. CCH Tagetiks can handle the majority of scenarios we have encountered including:

  • Accounting Close
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Cashflow Planning and Analysis
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Disclosure Management
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Workforce Planning and Analysis 

Cloud & On-Premise Options
Most CPM platforms we have worked with have moved to a cloud-based deployment. CCH Tagetik offers both on-premise or cloud deployments, but most importantly, it offers the same product and functionality with both options. If you are considering an on-premise deployment today, CCH Tagetik provides a painless, worry-free migration process from on-premise to cloud compared to competing providers.

Robust Reporting & Analytics Tool
There are so many reporting tools available, so why do we prefer CCH Tagetik for reporting? One main difference with CCH Tagetik is that they offer a feature called the Analytic Information Hub. This is an advanced dynamic reporting & dashboarding tool that lets you use your financial, operational and transactional data to provide data visualization through KPI dashboards and other innovative reporting. This is a powerful tool that is a missing link for most solutions. Other products tend to lead to integrations and heavily relying on other tools like Excel, Tableau or Power-BI to provide the ability to visualize data.

Auditable & Adoptable
As this is finance, we all know how critical it is to have a robust audit system. CCH Tagetik’s built in audit trail is both easy to interact with and allows you to monitor processes within de-centralized departments. It provides a complete audit trail in order to guarantee the whole data traceability. This significantly eases the ability to troubleshoot data discrepancies and perform deep analysis on your data.

With streamlined setup, CCH Tagetik makes a quicker and easier solution to implement. Also, being an intuitive product, we see great success in user onboarding with quick adoption of new tools and processes in comparison with some of the complex tools.

Delbridge Solutions has been optimizing finance for years, covering multiple industries in multiple continents. We truly believe that CCH Tagetik is definitely a leader for functionality as its suite of modules covers the vast majority of what we all see and do on a daily basis. Simple to use with powerful results.

Check the CCH Tagetik website to discover more!

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