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A Workforce Planning Solution to Manage Today’s Uncertainty, and Tomorrow’s Potential

Apr. 9 2020 by Giovanni Allegrini, Lead Technology Product Manager - CCH Tagetik North America

Performance Management

Effective workforce planning has always been vital to running a successful business or organization.

Yet in recent weeks, we’ve arrived at one of those now-more-than-ever moments in which workforce planning has taken on new urgency, and even greater importance.

In these ever-changing times, the world is moving faster and faster and workforce planning has taken on a new urgency, and even greater importance. As one of the main expenses, people planning has implications for every business and organization, regardless of size, location or focus.

In certain industries, there’s a need to quickly ramp up staffing to meet growing demand for particular products and services. For others, the focus is on strategically redeploying talent or making difficult decisions involving temporary or longer-term workforce reductions, furloughs, or hiring freezes to address emerging pressing needs.


A jump start to better workforce planning

Regardless of the situation your organization faces, senior leadership, HR, and key managers are looking to Finance to deliver timely, strategic, and data-driven analysis and insights that can provide greater visibility into the business and help them make more informed decisions on workforce planning.

CCH Tagetik Workforce Planning is a solution that can quickly help you meet current expectations, while also serving as a dynamic and essential tool to manage and plan for your workforce as the economy evolves in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

The pre-configured application blends ease and simplicity with powerful analytical tools to quickly elevate your ability to effectively manage your workforce and the ability to optimize it based on a range of possible scenarios. By ensuring quick implementation and best-practices for workforce planning you get the data-driven approach to making the right decisions.

Powerful out-of-the-box functionality

You won’t need to rely on IT to get rolling with the solution.

Workforce Planning is pre-configured yet extensible, providing out-of-the box functionality to accurately plan and forecast payroll, benefit expenses at the individual employee and department level, with the flexibility to adapt to your needs. You can plan for new hires and employee costs by individual, manage day-to-day workforce needs, and make future projections with the full picture of impacts in mind. Workforce Planning also provides you with robust forecasting capabilities to project the impact of transfers, terminations and open positions by department.

Clearer vision for the future

For more complex workforce management, what-if scenario analysis allows you to challenge assumptions and play out impacts on the income statement. Whether you want to manage employee transfers, bonuses, or calculate salary annually or hourly, the solution has the calculation logic, data validation and reporting tools you need to produce outputs fast and accurately.

Additionally, you can create forecasts and budgets with any time horizons to gauge potential impacts in the months ahead. And with the likelihood that uncertainty and dramatic change will be with us for the foreseeable future, you can create forecasts using global and local assumptions to get a clearer view into how potential changes and trends may influence your workforce, and your bottom line.

Connecting finance with operations

Workforce Planning is the latest offer in the CCH Tagetik portfolio, powered by the Analytic Information Hub. By connecting granular operational and financial data together with driver-based modeling, CCH Tagetik allows you to get the full flexibility and full visibility to plan your workforce at the precise level of detail you need.

CCH Tagetik delivers the win-win capability of connecting finance with operations to assure that staffing and planning decisions align with what is happening in the field. By unifying all your plans, processes and granular data into a single solution, CCH Tagetik can save time and money while lowering risk and enhancing your ability to respond quickly to changing conditions.

Offering even more value, you have the option to run this solution on SAP HANA certified by SAP providing the unmatched data processing performance to harness granular data and gain greater insights.

At CCH Tagetik, we believe our Workforce Planning is the right solution at the right time to help you manage and plan effectively during unprecedented challenges – as well as putting you in a position to react quickly to day-to-day challenges.

Click here to discover more and to download the brochure.

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