Gary Simon

Chief Executive of FSN & Leader of the Modern Finance Forum for CFOs in FSN Publishing Limited

Gary Simon is a highly sought after lecturer and trusted provider of 'thought leadership' and analysis about finance and business systems for CFO's around the world.
The bulk of Gary Simon’s professional experience has been as a senior consulting partner with Deloitte, one of the largest professional services organisations in the world. His field of expertise is information strategy, performance management and financial reporting systems working at Board level with global 2,000 companies, large public sector organisations and central government. After almost 17 year as a consulting partner he set up his own highly successful publishing house in 1995 and works extensively as a popular market analyst, running social media communities of more than 30,000 CFOs, producing leading edge content and lecturing around the world for the world’s top software houses.


How innovation in data platforms will elevate financial performance

Discover how financial and non-financial data hold the key to driving competitiveness and preparing CFOs for a new era of insight!

Performance Management

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How can CFOs make their Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting (PBF) process perform better?

Discover how the FSN’s research "The Future of Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting Survey 2017" does not simply highlights the main trends of budgeting, forecasting & planning but also stresses the main expectations of CFOs and the way they envisage to fullfill them.

Performance Management Budgeting & Planning Strategic Planning

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The simplest ideas are always the best!

Discover how Medline Industries has improved its Consolidation process with CCH Tagetik

Performance Management Consolidation & Closing

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Don’t take the Basic Advantages of Consolidation in the Cloud for Granted!

You know that finance professionals are, typically, time-poor. Paul Littlechild, Group Financial Controller at the Arena Group, share his experiences of how moving to the cloud has completely transformed management and statutory reporting and shaved four days off the consolidation process.

Performance Management Cloud Consolidation & Closing

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Are you Ready to Deal with Uncertainty of Brexit?

Risks and benefits of Brexit. How should finance functions respond to change and uncertainty on such an unprecedented scale?

Performance Management Business Intelligence & Analytics

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