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How to improve your decision making enhancing your experience with CCH Tagetik SmartInsight

Nov. 20 2020 by Fabio Vigolo, CCH Tagetik Director Product Management - Reporting, Analytics and Collaborative Office - CCH Tagetik

Performance Management Business Intelligence & Analytics

Felt your head spinning with how quickly the world is changing? As a direct effect of the pandemic, the office of finance has been asked to advise on more high-stake decisions than ever before. This era of accelerated change has forced acceleration on to us in terms of analysis, advice, and the ability to provide answers. And yet, many teams are having trouble meeting these new obligations, hindered by the technology they’re using. Many finance teams still:

  • Lack the data inquiry tools to investigate queries and produce detailed answers on an ad hoc basis. You might be able to drill into your existing reports, but when it comes to changing reports or answering questions on the fly, you’re restricted to the reports you’ve already created. When the market changes, there’s no way to update your assumptions, adjust key drivers, run new simulations and what-if scenarios to determine the best alternate path.
  • Lack the automation to input insights into reports on-the-fly. Even the most advanced solutions still require you to put in a bit of leg work, using a designer to design, save, and re-publish a report.
  • Lack the data processing to mine low levels of data for answers efficiently. Without access to granular data, like transactional information, or a variety of data, like non-financial data, the office of finance doesn’t have the depth of understanding or the operational context to be able to make fully fledged decisions. 

To empower CCH Tagetik customers of today and tomorrow with the dynamic ad-hoc reporting and analysis tools you need to make timely data-driven decisions, we’ve enhanced our platform with CCH Tagetik SmartInsight. 

What is CCH Tagetik SmartInsight?

Built to enable ad hoc reporting and facilitate faster data-driven decision making as we venture into a future of unknownsCCH Tagetik SmartInsight empowers you with the self-service tools to create dynamic ad-hoc reports and perform on-the-fly analysis. There will come a time when you need to test a prospective strategy, get to the bottom of a budget variance, or explore a sales anomaly. And you’ll need to do it quickly and with a complete view of influencing factors in mind.   

CCH Tagetik SmartInsight gives you this exploratory agility. Using it, you can quickly investigate business queries through deep data drill down, cross-dimensional slice and dice and ad-hoc what-if simulations. Through its processing power and self-service tools, you’ll be equipped to:

  • partner with the business;
  • respond to business queries with data-driven answers; 
  • advise on strategy by connecting operational actions to financial results, and; 
  • pivot direction confidently, knowing your best and worst-case scenario. 

3 Ways CCH Tagetik SmartInsight Improves Your Decision Making 

It’s Fast. 

When the goal is to mine your data for answers quickly, CCH Tagetik SmartInsight gives you the tools to investigate underlying drivers of any metric. Even in reports you’ve created on-the-fly, you can drill down to the metadata, slice and dice across drivers, and explore across dimensions to give a real understanding on what’s going on.  

It’s Self-Service. 

So Finance can be self-sufficient and agile, CCH Tagetik SmartInsight comes with pre-built tools, finance-friendly functions and easy-to-use features. There’s no need to enter a report designer to prepare your analysis for presentation. Illustrate your insights into beautiful, visualized reports on an ad hoc basis. With the click of a button, CCH Tagetik SmartInsight 

automatically refreshes your data queries and reports with the latest numbers. The end resultYou’ll spend less time investigating variances and more time creating your action plan.  

It’s Intelligent. 

We built CCH Tagetik SmartInsight to enable quick thinking, fast answers, and rapid decision making that considers every aspect of your inquiry. Not only can you query your data quickly, but you can then use your insights as the basis for what-if analysis and choose the best scenario to action on. ​This enhancement enables you to test any business scenario on-the-fly, before you act on it, and swiftly share your results and recommendations. 

Learn more about how CCH Tagetik SmartInsight is enhancing our platform and your experience here.

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