CCH Tagetik in Touch Comes to Montreal


For the second year in a row, we have brought the CCH Tagetik in Touch conference to North America in order to serve our rapidly growing North American customer base. This year’s conference took place in beautiful Montreal, which happens to be celebrating the 375th anniversary of its founding, from June 11-13. More than 160 attendees had the opportunity to choose from 26 sessions on topics such as scenario planning and simulation, people and project planning, best practices in consolidation, complex currency conversion, and the importance of rolling forecasts.

This year’s conference revolved around the theme: Collaborate. Innovate. Elevate. I want to focus this post on the conference theme because it represents so well our company mission


CCH Tagetik in touch comes to Montreal


We attribute our market success in large part to our long-standing commitment to customer collaboration in order to ensure our solutions meet their needs.
The collaboration starts with product decisions – we consider new solutions based on customer feedback. Much of our development is done in conjunction with customer partners, who work with us to fine-tune the solutions for practical use. Post-launch, dedicated product owners constantly collect customer input for sharing with the product teams to further refine solutions. We also use customer advisory boards, vertical industry workshops, and our annual conferences for ongoing collaboration .

But we also recognize the importance of collaboration within customer organizations. Therefore, we work hard to make sure our solutions help finance professionals collaborate more effectively among their teams, as well as with business users and other stakeholders across their organizations. The introduction of Collaborative Office is a recent example of our commitment to foster enterprise-wide collaboration in ways that can be efficiently managed without compromising data integrity.


Innovation is part of CCH Tagetik’s DNA. We’ve continually invested in R&D in order to ensure CCH Tagetik employs technology to its greatest advantage while meeting the needs of the most progressive finance organizations. To us, “innovation” falls into three categories: simplicity and usability, flexibility, and leveraging the latest technologies.


  • Simplicity and usability. We continually strive to reduce the complexity of finance by providing a truly unified suite of applications that can manage your current needs as well as those in years to come – without adding product after product. We work hard to make our solution manageable by finance, without reliance on IT. Built-in financial intelligence simplifies complex operations and saves precious staff time. And just as importantly, the CCH Tagetik interface is easy enough for the most casual business user. 
  • Flexibility. We’re focused on growing and changing with you and your organization, even as your business and regulatory requirements become more complex. A key example of the flexibility we offer to customers is our “cloud without compromise” strategy. By offering customers a way to transition from on-premise to cloud solutions at their own pace and without any difference in functionality, we are helping finance teams transform their operations and better serve their businesses. 
  • Leveraging the latest technologies. Any solution needs to work within your company’s technology ecosystem. We never want our customers to worry about clashes between old and new technologies, so we strive to ensure our solution can integrate and interact with emerging technologies, as well as critical enterprise systems. Many companies choose us because they know our solution can take advantage of existing SAP and Microsoft investments through native integration, as well as the latest in-memory analytics technologies. For instance, the ability to deploy our solution with SAP HANA as the underlying database is appealing to many customers looking to combine CCH Tagetik’s built-in financial intelligence with the scale and power of in-memory computing. 



We have always been committed to meeting the latest needs of the Office of Finance. As the demands have grown, our solution has expanded and evolved to meet new challenges and requirements.

Today, finance’s challenges go beyond traditional CPM functions of consolidation, planning and reporting. As they take on more strategic roles, CFOs now must manage and analyze a huge volume of operational and financial data to financial data to meet new regulatory demands and to create forecasts and long-range plans.

Therefore, we will soon be unveiling plans for an elevated financial platform that will include an analytical workspace where customers can collect, transform, and analyze granular data. This data can then be used for to modelling, calculations, reporting and disclosures - with the ability to trace data back to its most granular levels. We’ll be posting more details on this exciting new offering in coming months.

Over the last two years, we’ve also elevated the usability of our solution for both end users and administrators. We’ve migrated to HTML 5 to make our interface intuitive and easy to use for even the most casual business user.

Additionally, we are further supporting the elevated role of finance with more sophisticated, meaningful ways of reporting to the C-suite. The CCH Tagetik Magazine, introduced last year, simplifies the report review process by letting executives subscribe to a set of reports that are then automatically pushed to their dashboards on a monthly or quarterly basis. Email notifications and dashboard indicators let executives know when reports are ready for review.

With a new financial partnership and a major new product offering in progress, this is a very exciting time for CCH Tagetik. The Montreal conference was a wonderful opportunity to share with our customer partners detailed plans for the future and how we are striving to help them navigate one of the changes and challenges ahead. We look forward to sharing further details here in weeks and months to come.


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