Why I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with “Conference Season”

Spring is a rejuvenating time of year. The annual rebirth from the doldrums of a long, cold winter means two things:

  • Pollen counts go off the charts turning my car yellow and my eyes red. 
  • A solid month of traveling to Las Vegas, Orlando and other locales for spring conference season. 

This year’s tour included Vegas and Orlando (of course) as well as Dallas and Philadelphia. Not too bad compared to previous years. And even though the conference season is draining (from a travel and death-by-PowerPoint perspective) it is energizing at the same time.

Can’t Beat Face-to-Face

The truth is, even in today’s digital, connected, and always-on world; the face-to-face interaction at user conferences brings a level of camaraderie, networking and knowledge sharing that cannot be replicated in on-line communities. That’s why each spring Tagetik management and local operations host user conferences around the world. This year we hosted events in Italy, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, France and the US.

You Gotta Believe!

Of course an inspirational speaker helps us realize that success in business and in life is about working hard, putting together a solid plan, and believing. That was the mantra of our guest speaker this year in Philadelphia, the “Invincible” Vince Papale. If you’re not familiar with Vince watch this trailer from the movie. He is not only an inspiration but a really, really, good guy.

Vince is a local hero in Philadelphia where he is known as “The Real Rocky” and he set the tone for a great event in North America that resonated throughout all of our events around the world. I would like to personally thank the hundreds of customers and partners who took the time to come together to learn, share, and have some fun. Because as Vince said in his closing remarks…

“Dreams are not lived on the sidelines.”


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