BI For the Masses? Will Microsoft Finally Make it a Reality?

It's been more than 10 years since Microsoft declared it was bringing BI to the Masses. Many other vendors followed suit in declaring they would be the BI vendor to actually do it. Yet adoption rates continue to languish at around 30% according to recent research by Gartner. But recently Microsoft jumped in with both feet. And this time I think it might work.

Microsoft pre-announced important new features for its cloud-based Power BI on December, but on January 27th with the formal launch of the public preview, the company announced even bigger news: Power BI is becoming a stand-alone free service intended for business and consumer users.

The move is a very interesting one for Microsoft to steal share from Tableau, whom it has battled with for years in the business intelligence market. But what does this mean for the performance management market?

Analytics have helped bring value of business intelligence to the Office of Finance over the past several years, and having access to data that can help draw informed conclusions is paramount to delivering the best results. Tagetik has a longstanding partnership with Microsoft that takes advantage of Microsoft technology from the database layer all the way to the cloud. We can surface all the financial intelligence and secure, vetted, and trusted data through Microsoft BI and now Microsoft Power BI will deliver it to the masses. It is a win-win for our joint customers. So I can't wait to see if BI for the Masses, The Sequel, has the makings of a blockbuster. Do you think this time BI for the Masses is for real?

If you want to find out more about the impact Power BI could have, check out this article by Doug Henschen in Information Week.


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