Finding the balance between growth and customer satisfaction

Tagetik will soon pass the 700 customer mark and we add around 100 new customers a year on average. It’s an impressive number but still relatively small compared to the number of customers of CPM megavendors or the growth rate of some highly leveraged SaaS CPM vendors; and we are fine with that. Why? Because high customer satisfaction; being here for the long-term for our customers; and continuous ‘finance-focused’ innovation are fundamental to our business strategy. The benefit?
The recent BPM Partners’ Pulse Survey results highlight the benefit. Tagetik has been able to find a unique position in the market. We are able to meet the needs of very complex organizations (traditionally the realm of the megavendors); with a customer satisfaction rating that is consistently among the best in the industry.  And we’ve done this without mortgaging the future via hundreds of millions of VC money (sometimes on an annual basis) like Host Analytics ($60M), Adaptive Insights ($100M), or Anaplan ($144M).  We have stayed focused on our customers and their future rather than an exit strategy.  If we grow a little slower (25% a year is nothing to sneeze at) that is OK with us.
So thank you to our customers for pushing the envelope to expect more than a pretty interface and basic capabilities. Thanks for pushing us to deliver a depth of functionality that exceeds what the megavendors can deliver and to do so without sacrificing customer satisfaction, product quality, ease of implementation or value (check out the scores of SAP and Oracle on these measures, its not pretty). Thanks for pushing us to deliver a Financial Performance Platform with flexible deployment (cloud or on-premise) with the depth of finance functionality you need and the level of customer satisfaction you deserve.
What do you think about how software vendors should balance business growth and customer satisfaction?


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