This year’s Kick Off took place in the beautiful, but cold Budapest just a few days ago.

2016 was an exciting year for Tagetik, as the whole team learned from last year’s final results and plans for the year ahead. And judging by what we heard, this year’s theme, Think Big. Act Bigger couldn’t have been more appropriate.


Thursday kicked off with our CEO’s Marco and Manuel showing us just how far we’ve come in the past few years. From a scrappy start up, the company, with its sustainable growth approach, has transformed itself into a global financial software player, capable of winning seven figure deals on a regular basis and knocking on the doors of behemoths such as SAP and Oracle. Our platform approach has transformed the way the Office of Finance is run across markets as diverse as North America, Brazil, Germany, Japan and France.


2017-02-08 think big, act bigger


But with this success comes the need to invest in the infrastructure to support this new phase of Tagetik, and we learned of plans to continue to invest in hiring new people as well as support existing staff through new resources and training opportunities. Additionally, the development team will be continuing to focus on making our software solutions better, faster and more intuitive for our customers, whilst we heard hints of exciting new major capability upgrades to come.


We also heard how the market is changing for CFOs and the companies that look to help them. As increasing pressures from regulatory requirements, big data and the belief that the office of Finance is now expected to deliver strategic analytical support in addition to their consolidation and accounting functions begin to fundamentally change the needs of the CFO, Tagetik will need to evolve to meet this challenge. But it also offers an opportunity for us, thanks to our unique platform approach that enables financial officers to address these responsibilities confident that the data they’re using and the software they’re working off of are up to the task.


Perhaps most importantly however, the two days together in Budapest gave the Tagetik team time to renew relationships with colleagues from different parts of the globe, strategize new opportunities and remind ourselves all of why we work at Tagetik - the realisation that we’re all part of a family and together we’re ready to take the next leap forward.



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